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Kent State
Kent, Ohio
See Drawings of Kent State Professors
Name Subject School # Of Drawings
Abraham, Michelle Psychology Kent State 0
Abrahamson, Michael Architecture Kent State 0
Abramov, Vilen Mathematics Kent State 0
Abuzeid, Ayham English As A Second Language Kent State 0
Acar, William Management Kent State 0
Ackerman, John English Kent State 0
Adams, Ashley Languages Kent State 0
Adams, Dan Chemistry Kent State 0
Adams, Heather Health Science Kent State 0
Adams, Kevin History Kent State 1
Adams, Richard Sociology Kent State 0
Adams, Vicki English Kent State 0
Addis, Lorie Fine Arts Kent State 0
Admassu, Yonathan Geology Kent State 0
Agarwal, R Finance Kent State 0
Airhart, David Mathematics Kent State 0
Ajayi, Murhpy Ethnic Studies Kent State 0
Al Aleem, Malik Ethnic Studies Kent State 0
Al-Zyoud, Mazen Computer Science Kent State 0
Alam, Pervaiz Accounting Kent State 0
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